Aurora roadbook holder Mk1

What a greek company has done is not just a roadbook holder. In fact this tool has usually just to roll paper back and forward. But this is the state of the art. Nothing compares in terms of technology and quality. If you are a pro rally racer, take it seriously in consideration. Also, most of the parts are life guaranteed, for good reasons. It looks big but isn't too heavy, taking in consideration what's inside. The engine pull paper trough magnets and so there's no friction. Actually it can work even bent after a crash, because elements are not touching. Another interesting feature is the removable cartridge, thanks to magnets. Pull it out with a click, write notes on paper easly, spend much less time than normal. Who races knows how much the time is important. Moreover Aurora does the brackets, specifically for each rider. Did you understand? You ask what you need, what bike you have… and they will prepare a specific braket to meet your needs. Find more info and videos at

Personally, I've been testing it during Serres rally, in Greece. The one I tested was a prototype, nearly perfect. My concerns were about o-rings grip and weight. The final version has been improved, it is lighter and stronger: 1,4 kg. That's the one you can see on the following pictures.