Best of Togo Jungle Challenge 2015

My first time following a bicyle adventure has been amazing. Can't wait for next year.

Giant Loop luggage system

Very soon I will be testing a new luggage system. Giant Loop is an american company who makes some of the more reliable and durable saddle bags for traveling and enduro. Bags look very technical, with a specific attention to details. We'll see soon how much they last. I'll use the "pack" on the next Africa Eco Race to Dakar. Almost 10.000 km, most of them fully loaded and offroad.

Rocky Mountain saddle bags, the next level of traveling

I think we're entering in a new fashion era of luggage systems. In the last few years the alluminum cases have been more and more common, but they have some issues, the main one is the "feeling" if going offroad. The problem is that they're (or they become) part of the motorbike frame and so the motorbike is actually more difficult to ride. With the soft cases you don't feel the weight because the bags can move a bit and is a whole new experience. I've been testing Kriega system and they're very good, now I'll test the wolfman top quality saddle bags and I'll let you know. They look marvellous and very well made.

You can buy them from the italian distributor:

A tour right behind the corner, across Monti Sibillini.

Seeing good places is fun, doing it with the best friends is amazing. I've been sharing incredible adventures with this group. Each one has a story that could fill up a book. And actually some of them have been writing some!